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Feb 6, 2013 6:30pm PST
even two chinese sponsors. i think it is a reflection of how important china has become for the global film industry. like a lot of industries -- cars, mobile phones, everyone wants to get into china, and it is the same in the film business. china is the second largest film market after the u.s., and everyone wants to get in there because it is where the money is to be made. it has gotten so that in hollywood everyone wants their films to be played in china so they will get their scripts approved because if you do not have china nowadays, you will not make any money, and i think that is reflected even in a very respected our house festival like berlin that the future of the global industry is china. >> what can you tell us about the interest from china at the berlinale? >> obviously, "the grandmaster" is the biggest film coming out of china right now. the director is very successful and very well known in europe because most of his previous films have been very european, emotional traumas shot in a beautiful french style. this film is different. it has a bit of that, but it is a martia
Feb 7, 2013 5:30pm PST
defense minister has voiced his concern over china's recent acquisition of control over a strategically important port in pakistan. his remarks came a week after pakistan's announcement that it would change the management of its southwestern part of gwadar to a chinese state-run firm. the transfer is a matter of concern for india. the port was built with chinese assistance and opened in 2007. it's situated near the strait of hormuz, a key oil shipping lane from the middle east. china has been helping india's other neighbors, particularly myanmar and sri lanka to construct and maintain port facilities. >> i can say it is a matter of concern to us. >> india is wary that china may be trying to increase its influence in the indian ocean, following similar efforts in the south china sea. >>> south korea's next leader has called politicians together to come up with a strategy to deal with with north korea. military leaders in pyongyang have threatened to carry out another nuclear test. >> translator: now is the time for both ruling and opposition parties to unite and call on north korea to st
Feb 8, 2013 2:30pm PST
watching their spending, but demand from customers in the u.s. and china is more than making up for it. and it is not just hugo boss. 2012 saw german exporters selling almost 1.1 billion euros worth of goods to international customers. that is 3.4% up from the year before. the value of imports rose as well, but at a more moderate pace. 2012 saw germany's second highest trade surplus since the recession began. >> for a look now on how the german trade numbers move the markets, here is a report from frankfurt. >> not many people here at the exchange dare to give a forecast where -- as to if german exports this year will be as strong as last year's. one factor which supported exports last year was the relatively low euro/dollar exchange rate, and nobody can tell what it will do this year. on the stock trading floor in frankfurt this friday, the dax managed to climb slightly towards the end of the trading day. also thanks to a positive development of the u.s. trade deficit. but still, traders are not heading into the weekend in a positive mood. outlooks that companies have been giving, and
Feb 15, 2013 2:30pm PST
world? tax officials from australia, britain, and china analyze complex schemes to reduce company tax burdens. this one leaves from england to australia, taking advantage of tax havens along the way. the authority of tax officials often ends at the border. investigators request information from authorities and other countries, but it is often not enough. >> when you start looking at very complex affairs, then a simple letter is rarely sufficient to fully explore the issues. by working together, we are able to understand the cultural differences that exist between our different countries. >> in britain, u.s. coffeehouse starbucks sparked outrage when it was revealed the company paid very little tax in the u.k. its trick was to pay high licensing fees to reduce its corporate tax rate. activists say starbucks is no exception. >> there's a lot of online-based companies like amazon, google, facebook, that are avoiding tax, which is outrageous. >> apple, for example, has seen overseas earnings surged in recent years, but at the same time, the company has managed to reduce its foreign ta
Feb 13, 2013 5:30pm PST
approaching from the west. right now we have an area of rain over southern china as well as taiwan. this one will then head toward the east while developing like the one we saw on wednesday yesterday. if you remember, we saw some sleet in metro tokyo. snow showers in inland locations. but that could happen once again on friday. so again, metro tokyo will see snow showers on friday. meanwhile, snow -- rain -- excuse me. dry conditions for the korean peninsula as well as northern china. dry weather can also be pounds in the indo-china peninsula with the exception on the east coast. scattered showers for the philippines. and temperatures are scorching hot in bangkok at 36 degrees. 21 for hong kong. tokyo at 10 degrees. so a couple of degrees cooler than yesterday. very frigid up toward the north. minus 24 in ulan bator. that's about 15 degrees colder than average. now, in north america we've talked about severe weather in the southeast. 250 millimeters of rain, hail, thunderstorms, and even tornadoes over the deep south. but conditions are changing. this system amoving away from the d
Feb 7, 2013 2:30pm PST
presence in china. the german foreign minister is in the philippines on a mission to boost trade ties. berlin has had frosty relations with manila ever since a trade dispute in the 1990's. >> westerwelle said to some to put that behind the two countries and rebuild relations. germany is manila's biggest trading partner, and strong growth between the two is expected. >> it is the first time in more than a decade that a german foreign minister has paid a visit to the philippines. during talks with his counterpart in manila, the finance minister said they were eager to do more business with the pacific nation. >> the german government aims to further deepen the dynamic economic ties between our two countries through the establishment of an official german philippine chamber of commerce. in our talks, i stated that i am in favor of a free-trade agreement between the european union and the philippines. >> currently, a quarter of the population in the philippines lives in poverty, but the economy is growing fast, and there is an emerging middle class. the government is clamping down on
Feb 1, 2013 2:30pm PST
confirms systematic hacker attacks believed to be coming from china. >> the newspapers say hackers hunted for files related to chinese stores including investigation into the family of the premier. >> china has rejected the suggestion that its military may have conducted the attacks. >> the "new york times" says its computer systems have been infiltrated repeatedly over recent months. >> we are a certain as we can be that this had all the hallmarks of an attack by chinese military hackers. >> but beijing has denied this, saying chinese law forbids hacking. >> there is no evidence for this. these allegations are groundless. >> the first attacks coincided with an investigation into the private fortune of the chinese premier's family. a chinese translation of an article was posted on line last october. and many of the cyber attacks have targeted the reporter. >> they were mostly after david barr boasts of's e-mail on both his "new york times" account and any other accounts they could find -- after david barr boasts a -- after david barbosa's email. >> the toy fair is under way right n
Feb 28, 2013 2:30pm PST
. they discovered almost 600 kilograms of the drugs hidden in a chemical shipment from china. the estimated read value is 350 million -- street value is 350 million euros. three arrests have been made. >> bayern munich fans are celebrating their team's victory. it was a long time coming. emmy bayern's second win over dortmund in the past three years -- only iron -- bayern's second win over dortmund in the past three years. >> bayern's top dogs could not have been more pleased. >> we played some perfect football. it does not get any better. >> a year and were the better team from the outset -- bayern were the better team from the outset. there was a score in the 43rd minute. the game's only goal. >> we just wanted to win. we wanted to show everyone what good form we are in. i think that is what we did. >> dortmund seemed to wake up in the second half of the game, but it was not enough to put bayern's lead in any danger. >> to beat bayern, you have to play good football for the entire 90 minutes. >> the victory was even sweeter since munich failed to win its last six games against t
Feb 26, 2013 6:30pm PST
of china. >> the implications in europe for just as profound. many feared it was just as much a pivot away from old allies. >> john kerry is saying europe is more important than ever. here's more on the state a transatlantic ties. >> it is a love affair that spans the atlantic -- americans cannot get enough of german cars. sales are surging, exports are rising, and german car makers now operate their own plants in the u.s. like this one in tennessee. then there are political relations. chancellor merkel and president obama are said to be cordial with one another but not close. what there is, though, is in recognition of the need to work together. >> on both sides of the atlanta, there is a realization that we are not as strong as we thought we were. but the u.s. and europe have been weakened by the financial crisis, and that has led to the conclusion that we need to do more to grow stronger together. >> president obama has sought to allay fears among europeans that he couldn't let them in favor of asia. in his recent state of the union address, he promised to forge closer trade links.
Feb 21, 2013 6:30pm PST
. lego is now also looking to increase sales to china. the company is hoping that it will soon become a household name there as well. >> the miniature little girl playing with legs. >> my son does. we have some projects in progress. >> stay with us. we will be back with our project in one minute. >> welcome back, everyone. one year ago, russian punk band pussy riot staged an anti-putin protests. they ended up in jail, and they got the world's attention. >> it raised questions about the president's intolerance of dissent. 3 -- two of the band's three members are serving prison centers -- sentences. >> what has been released, and she said that she has no regrets. >> her involvement in pussy riot turn her life upside down. this is the church she and her friends entered last year. performed what they called a punk prayer to protest the close ties between the kremlin and the church. a short while later, three of them were arrested. >> it was a logical consequence if you look at what has been happening in russia over the past several years. we have an authoritarian regime. the orthodox church
Feb 16, 2013 1:00pm EST
things. >> china has the great wall. jerusalem has the wailing wall. prague has the lennon wall. for "teen kids news," i'm lauren. >> there's an entire history lesson in a state flag. you just need to know what to look for. >> when the american colonies declared their independence from england, one led the way with a rousing motto. >> the year was 1774, two years before the declaration of independence, and new hampshire declared their own independence from great britain. the motto at the time was "live free or die," and it's still the state motto today. >> another revolutionary first for new hampshire is pictured here on the state flag. in 1776, the warship raleigh was the first to fly the new american flag. new hampshire is home to many other firsts. the first potato was grown here. america's first astronaut in space, alan shepard, was born here, as was the first free public library. >> new hampshire is known as "the granite state," and it's because their number-one natural resource is granite. this is a particularly good stone for building bridges, houses, even statues. and althoug
Feb 19, 2013 6:30pm PST
are having to look further afield to china, the u.s., and brazil. sales to those markets are rising constantly, and german car makers especially see lots more potential in growth markets like latin america and asia. rising sales there are more than making up for falling sales in europe. >> champions league action kicks off in just a few moment time. bayern munich take on english club arsenal with the odds stacked firmly in favor of the germans. >> the team has not conceded a goal in competitive place since mid-december, but london is promising passion on the pitch as the gunners pursue their last chance in the season to end a trophy trout stretching all the way back to 2005. >> unlike bayern munich, and now only have the champions league title to play for. out of the cup and out of contention in the english premier league, they need a big performance against the bavaria's to quiet the critics. >> of course, we will try to score goals. but we tried to go forward and tried to score goals. >> in london, they are hoping to continue their solid season. >> of course, the champions league
Feb 5, 2013 2:30pm PST
also be going to china. we've been reporting all week long, last few weeks as well, and the toxics law in beijing keeping people inside, posing a respiratory threat, especially to the elderly and children now. it is on the move, now in japan. we will be telling you about what people there are doing as well to deal with the threat of china's toxic smog. stay with us. >> welcome back. british prime minister david cameron's bowling conservative party has split in two over his push to legalize same-sex marriages, a move that many of his own lawmakers say was wrong, not a priority for the public, and unnecessarily divisive. >> many conservatives still up in parliament to denounce the legislation ahead of the vote in which up to half of kamins 303 lawmakers are expected to reject the measure on moral and religious grounds. >> matthew and chris were the first to register their relationship at a registry office when england and wales introduced the civil partnership act in 2005. they took the chance to gain official recognition of their 40-year relationship. now the government wants to go a st
Feb 11, 2013 5:30pm PST
the chinese frigate launched its weapons on the maritime defense in the east china sea. government representatives in beijing denied the allegation. they argued the vessel used navigational radar and not fire control radar. the ships were navigating more than 100 kilometres north of the disputed senkaku islands on january 30th. japan controls the territory. china and taiwan claim it. former u.s. secretary of state hillary clinton said last month the obama administration opposes any unilateral action to undermine japan's control of the islands. her successor, john kerry, supports that position. now, u.s. leaders have expressed concern about an escalation in china's activities around the disputed islands, including a recent violation of japanese air space by chinese aircraft. >>> european authorities are investigating several firms in connection with a meat labeling scandal. food safety regulators are looking into the possibility someone deliberately switched beef for horse meat because it's cheaper to produce. officials in britain and ireland studied frozen lasagnes and hamburgers s
Feb 12, 2013 6:30pm PST
. and even china, north korea's sole ally, has urged pyongyang to stop before it makes matters worse. >> tensions are high in south korea. protesters denounced north korea's nuclear tests. north korean state media claim the country had exploded a more powerful bomb than it had been able to build a earlier. diplomats at the united nations security council emergency meeting also expressed alarm. >> countries around the world, including every member of this security council, agreed that this test was an extremely regrettable act that further undermines international peace and security. >> many countries will likely impose new sanctions against north korea, but observers say that china has the most leverage. >> for china, it will depend on showing that north korea has gone too far this time and it will not go without consequences for the north korean-chinese relationship. i expect that china will also decide on painful sanctions for north korea. >> china is north korea's protector, but p'yongyang carried out the nuclear test not far from the countries shared border. the testing ground is
Feb 23, 2013 4:00pm PST
, making it the longest and most significant holiday in china. the new year also marking a shift in the chinese zodiac, making it the year of the snake. the chinese zodiac is based on a 12-year cycle and is represented by 12 different animals. music's finest celebrating the best of their industry at the 55th annual grammy awards in los angeles. the awards show presenting a mixture of newcomers and veterans. after years of criticism for celebrating music by older performers, long past their prime, the recording academy nominating large numbers of young musicians and singers in key categories. british folk band mumford & sons taking top honors with a win for album of the year, and indie trio fun winning best new artist and song of the year. for "teen kids news," i'm heather childers, "fox news channel in the classroom." >> ever since the end of world war ii, the iron curtain of communism darkened the lives of millions living in eastern europe. lauren reports on how a wall covered with graffiti came to become a symbol of freedom for those "back in the u.s.s.r." >> the heart of the czech re
Feb 13, 2013 6:30pm PST
to invest in expanding markets and developing countries such as india or china, and experts say that is hurting the bottom line. peugeot will have to restructure to get back in the black. it has already announced plans to cut 8000 jobs this year and an additional 3000 could follow next year. >> 2012 was a difficult year, but a year where we have led the foundations for our industrial and commercial economy. we have to make very difficult decisions for the restructuring plan, and the restructuring plan is on track. >> that pathe will cost jobs in france. peugeot's decision to close factories in paris has sparked protests in recent months with more likely to follow. >> how did the markets respond to peugeot's restructuring plans? we received a summary from the frankfurt trading floor. >> sometimes it is not easy to guess the share price after reading the balance sheet. shares of peugeot rallied up to more than 6% here on the frankfurt floor. investors appreciated the restructuring plans. the market in general did benefit from glimmers of hope according to the economy in the euro a
Feb 22, 2013 5:30pm PST
sanctions. abe also spoke about sanctions in the east china sea. japan controls tehe territory bt china and taiwan claim it. he said they would respond calmly to china's challenges and he noted that japan's alliances act as a stabilizing factor. obama issued a statement on the u.s.-led negotiations for the partnership free trade agreement. they say japan or any other nation that joins the negotiations will not be required to promise to eliminate all tariffs. abe is under pressure from japanese farmers to stay out of the ttp. later he expanded on the state of japan-china relations in light of the recent tension over territory. he said he hopes there will be an opportunity to hold talks with chinese leader she jinpin. >> translator: at the summit meeting, president obama and a greed to conquer the free waters and establish a labor built by law and not by force. at the same time, japan sign signed -- japan-china relationship is one of the most important bilateral relationship to our nation. i hope china will revisit the principle of strategic and reciprocal relationship. i would like to st
Feb 8, 2013 5:30pm PST
different things happened in the sea. japan is saying china used radar, but china is issuing a statement denying it ever happened. there were two separate incidents. on january 19, it admits crews trapped the japanese helicopter because it had approached their vessel. in the second case, on january 30, the china ship said it monitored a destroyer that was following at close range. but the statement denied that they used fire radar in each instance. they said they released false reports without confirming it with their counterparts in beijing. the prime minister also denies it. >> reporter: the japanese claims are complete fabrication. >> chinese authorities admit their navy crews used radar to monitor the radar, just not weapon-controlled radar. they had a full examination of data collected last month by defense force personnel. they say the analysis shows chinese crew members directed what appeared to be artillery-guiding radar at the sbf destroyer. but they stress no artillery was pointed at the vessel. the officials say the destroyer's electronic wave detecting system detect
Feb 1, 2013 5:30pm PST
track an unwanted import from china. air pollution from the world's second largest economy is on the move. officials in schuylkill city are adding equipment so they can raise levels and warn residents. air pollution in beijing and other parts of china remains a health concern. industrial emissions have been pumping something known as fine particularate matter into the air. these tiny particles can cause asthma and bronchitis. their amount in the china capital is 20 times higher than in tokyo. residents of schuylkill city have voiced concern about the health risks. the city already has six commanding posts. they plan to set up three more in different locations. they plan to help fix it when they learn standards. they will warn residents when levels exceed safety limits. schuylkill residents say they are the first in japan to start forecasting air pollution forced by circumstances coming from japan to china. a decision to designate the japanese eel an endangererred species plans to take away one of the main meals. the eel is in sharp decline. it has dropped over 50% in the past ten yea
Search Results 0 to 32 of about 33 (some duplicates have been removed)